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What to Know Before Starting the Keto Diet

What to Know Before Starting the Keto Diet

The is a correlation between the keto diet and weight loss. However, it has far many benefits than just weight loss. The diet is a way of eating that should be incorporated into your lifestyle as opposed to it being a short-term goal. Getting on and off the diet will not be useful in the long run; therefore, you have to be in ketosis or not. You should beware that being on and off the keto diet could potentially mess up with your metabolic system, and this is detrimental to your overall health. To have a better comprehension of the matter, below are some things you should know before commencing the ketogenic diet.

The Diet Doesn’t Mean No Carbs

saladsThe keto diet means that it is a low carb diet. This, therefore, means that you have to watch the number of carbs you consume. Most people on a keto diet tend to avoid consuming carbs and sugars, but it is difficult to do so because most foods contain carbs. To be keto means that you should enable your body to be in a state, it burns fat to get the energy it requires to function. This can only happen when the carbs stores are depleted.

You Should Regulate Your Meat Consumption

Most people assume that when they are on a keto diet, they can consume a lot of meat. However, this is far from the truth. Meat consumption is encouraged, but the portions should be regulated. This is because meat contains a lot of proteins and too many proteins can kick your body out of ketosis. It is therefore advisable to fuel your body with fats like olive oil and avocados instead of proteins.

Be Patient

modelWith the keto diet, you have to practice patience because you will not notice the results instantly. Most online reviews show that people see the results almost immediately but sometimes this is not the case. You should keep in mind that people have different bodies and the various body types respond differently to diet changes. You should not give up on the diet when you do not notice a slight difference in your body. Go on with the diet and patiently wait for the results.

You Might Experience the Keto Flu

The keto flu is one of the side effects that individuals experience once they begin this diet. You might experience flu-like symptoms, and they include fatigue and bad breath. However, not all individuals experience this. If you do experience, do not panic, it is normal, and it will fade away.…

How to Choose Skincare Products

How to Choose Skincare Products

Skin care products are mainly used to erase wrinkles, reduce signs of aging, tighten skin or to treat acne. However, there are various types of skin care product available over the counter. Some of these skin care products are overpriced and can hold claims that could be ineffective and misleading. Therefore before purchasing any skin care product, you should do proper research.

This research will help you to know the details of a specific product and its ingredients. Then, choosing the best product for your skin type will be very easy if you have these details. The following are the tips that can guide you to choose the right skin care product for you.

Skin type

beautiful womanNaturally, there are different types of skin which include oily, dry and sensitive skin. Therefore, you should take your time to determine the nature of your skin because it has a significant impact on how the product will interact with your skin. To know the type of your skin, you should wash your face and wait for some hours. When the skin is in its natural state, you can observe and analyze the type of your skin.


The ingredients contained in a product are usually listed in descending order. Therefore, you need to check the concentration of each component that is involved. Different types of skin require specific ingredients and also needs to avoid other.

For instance, if you have sensitive skin, you should look for the calming ingredients like green tea, Aloe, Polyphenols, and Chamomile. Also, avoid using too many anti-aging ingredients. For dry skin, you should keep off lotion and apply cream or ointment that contains olive oil, shea butter or jojoba.

Other components that soothe dry skin include urea, glycerin, lanolin, hyaluronic acid and mineral oil and for oily skin, you should use the oil-free ingredients and avoid products that contain fragrance, cinnamon, coconut oil and cocoa butter to prevent the breakout in the acne-prone skin. However, in all skin type, the ingredient that causes skin irritation should be avoided. Some of these ingredients include artificial color, Dimethicone, and silicon.

Expiration date

using beauty productsBefore buying any product for your skin care, you should check the expiry date. However, the expired product can have harmful bacteria that may cause rashes, irritation, skin infection and blemishes. Look for POE symbol which tells you the period that your product will take before it expires after opening the container. Also, check the lot number, this indicates the product is traceable from its origins if something wrong happens.

Physical sunscreen

However, to protect your skin, from the harsh sun, it is essential to use products that contain sunscreen. However, chose a cream or beauty moisturizer that has the physical sunblock that SPF is 30 or higher to help maintain your youthful looking skin. The lipsticks and lip balm SPF should be 15 or higher. The physical sunscreen usually acts as a barrier on your skin to reflect UV rays.

However, you need to be very careful when choosing the skin care product. If you use the right skin product for you will experience better results.…