Healthy Snacks

How to snack right!

How to snack right (2)

Snacking is a common process for many people at one point during the day in the office or at school. It has been proven that eating healthy snacks in the right proportions and at the right time helps the body maintain high energy levels and even increase your metabolism rate. Instead of reaching out for that bag of chips, here are a few healthy options that you may opt for.

Fibre snacks

Snacks with a high fibre content keep you full for a long time and they aid in keeping your digestive system healthy. You may choose to have a small bowl of oatmeal and sweeten it using raisins or strawberries in order to avoid adding artificial sugars. Whole wheat crackers are amazing alternatives to cookies and biscuits.

To avoid the monotony of your snack, combine your crackers with peanut butter or tuna. Nuts are exemplary sources of fibre and protein. You may opt to take one variety of nuts at a time such as peanuts or have mixed nuts in order to enjoy the goodness of each option. With nuts, keep your portions controlled to avoid overfeeding. You can choose unsalted nuts in order to control your sodium intake.


Fruits are the all-time snacking favourites for many people.

‘There are several types of fruits ranging from oranges, apples, pears, melons, berries , bananas to kiwis and much more. Fruits can easily be consumed wholesome onHow to snack right (1) their own where you grab an apple and snack away.

Alternatively, you can make a simple fruit salad with a few fruits such as watermelon, pineapple and pawpaws for an added twist.

Fruit juices and smoothies are great alternatives to getting your daily dosage of fruits but nutritionists warn about the high sugar intake in these two. As such, make sure you consume juices and smoothies less often than you consume whole fruits. This will create a balance and help you stay healthy.

Fruits are often combined with cereals such as oatmeal and bran in order to avoid adding sugar and to keep the meals interesting.


Yoghurt is a rich source of protein and it contains bacteria that is beneficial to the body.How to snack right (3) The best way to consume yoghurt is to go the healthy way and opt for natural yoghurt that does not contain sugar or greek yoghurt which has been strained to remove the whey. Yoghurt keeps you full for a long time before your next proper meal.

Healthy snacks also include vegetables such as carrots and cucumbers which may be eaten on their own or combined to make a salad.

It is advisable to prepare your snacks in advance in order to have more healthy options at hand when the craving strikes.