Other Uses of Thermal Scanner

A thermal scanner is now being used commonly in airports to check and temperature of people who will enter, and go out of a specific country. Due to the advancement of heat vision, it is now also being used in other works. Read the list below for the additional use of a thermal scanner.


First, with the help of this simple tool, they can do a faster search operation if a person is trapped in a burning building. The thermal scanner reads the scans the temperature if where it is being pointed. The average body temperature of a person is 37.5 degrees Celcius, with that the rescuer will easily find the trapped person.

thermal view

Traffic Enforcer

Second, due to the outbreak of Pandemic Corona Virus 2019, traffic enforcers now use a thermal. The purpose of their equipment is to check the temperature of every person who will pass their specific location. To fight the pandemic easily, traffic enforcers are checking their temperature.


Lastly, they also use a thermal scanner. It helps to locate if a specific pipe burst. It helps them to lessen their effort to dig and search for the pipeline that has the problem.

Other Uses of Thermal Scanner
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