Reasons Why iPhone Jailbreak Is Not a Good Idea

Reasons Why iPhone Jailbreak Is Not a Good Idea

When the first iPhone was released, many people were so excited. Because many fans were disappointed with the limited inbuilt features, the geekier fans went for sneaky ventures to do just that. Hence, the iPhone jailbreak was born. The jailbreak improved the iPhone through tuning and performance. However, nowadays, the iPhone jailbreak is considered a bad idea. The best way to fix your iPhone without jailbreaking is by using AppCake.

Numerous workshops, websites, forums, and forums seemed to be equipped with prison escape and release tools. The area has grown and remains on the market. Unfortunately, the excitement has decreased in recent decades. The fanfare that has followed every firmware loss is now a silent need to get out to show that hacking is different. Here are some reasons why using jailbreak tools is not a good idea.


It Can Decline the iPhone Security and Stability

Apple cares about its products. It applies regular patches to fix any security holes with constant iOS updates. iPhone jailbreak tools use regular patches to fix vulnerabilities with continuous updates from IOS. As a result, addressing these vulnerabilities may not be well received by this consumer. And with the decline of revolutionary new solutions from developers, many men and women are forced to re-evaluate their options.

It Impacts the Battery Life

iphoneIt’s been almost a decade since cell phones’ biggest fans boasted that their batteries hadn’t been charged for days. It’s the era of the smartphone, and this is yesterday’s news. The modern smartphone is profitable at most for a day. But the battery of the iPhone is more affected by the installation of leakage tools. The user can monitor and “kill” applications that work in the background. Many untested applications installed on the iPhone with leaks are known to consume the battery.

It Results on Update Limitations

Yes, every time Apple prints a new IOS update, the fugitive community is advised to wait a little longer before solving “problems”. Likewise, unlockers relying on Ultrasn0w optimizations will have to wait until new “unlock repairs” are finally available.

It Results in No New Tweaks

Now some deposits are quietly chosen. It would be the remaining couple fighting the war-hardened apple. Innovation is not happening fast enough, and there doesn’t seem to be much difference between what criminals have to deliver and what is offered on the App Store.


Apple has found much inspiration in the prison robbers and the idea of their competitive pressure. Probably every person has to create apps or give voice to their complaints through the App Store. As things stand today, well-integrated with IOS. They make sure that their devices don’t work.…

Helpful Tips to Prolong your iPhone’s Battery Life

Helpful Tips to Prolong your iPhone’s Battery Life

Poor battery life on your iPhone can cause several problems. But this is not a worrying matter because there are many ways to get the most out of a full battery charge by using some apps that are already built-in your phone. You’re probably using tools and applications to get the most out of it. Here are some tips to prolong the life of your iPhone’s battery

Turn Off App Refresh Feature

The iPhone includes an app refresh feature that is continually running in the background. This application recognizes the most used applications and also ensures that they are always up to date. Even games that downloaded by GBA Emulator. If you are someone who uses many different apps at the same time daily, then this means your iPhone is continuously running. By avoiding the app refresh feature running on the background or by simply turning it off, your phone can prolong its battery life.

woman holding an iPhone

Avoid Auto-Brightness

Auto-brightness is responsible for automatically controlling the screen’s power intensity. iPhone has an ambient light sensor that stays in the background and adjusts the brightness automatically. Ignoring this kind of feature that is continuously running on your phone background will instantly absorb battery life.

Turn Off Bluetooth

Just like the other two features, leaving bluetooth constantly on, the battery life will gradually run out. You can turn off the bluetooth immediately after using it.

Disable GPS

The iPhone has built-in location services that can offer you driving instructions, a way to the nearest coffee shop, or other maps-related features. Many people barely use the GPS feature, so it will be a big help for saving battery life to disable GPS on your iPhone.

Restrain Draining the Battery

charging iphoneYou don’t necessarily have to run down the battery life before you charge it entirely. It will be a massive benefit if you don’t let the lithium-ion battery reach 0%. The preferred choice is to recharge your phone’s battery life drops below 50% or so. Also, it is not advisable to recharge it at a full percentage. Constantly over-charging your phone up to 100% will shorten the battery’s lifespan. Tech experts recommended percentage to keep your battery charged is between 30%-70% for long-term service.

Disable Auto-Update

Every app you download on your iPhone is in default to automatically update when there’s the latest version released. If you have many apps that you don’t regularly use, it’s a decision to disable auto-update feature and update only the apps that you always use.…